Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Mascara Review

Price $6

The Promise
Volume Building Formula. Use alone or on top of your existing mascara for a pop of color!

The Truth
This mascara is available in four colors; black, green, blue and purple. This review is on the black shade.

This is a great example of getting what you pay for.  I'm usually a fan of Rimmel mascaras, but this proved to be a big disappointment. Now i get that this is a colored mascara line, and the emphasis is on the POP od color,  but if you're going to offer it in black, put some effort into making a decent formula!
 The brush is thin and tapered with basic bristles, and I noticed that even brand new out of the package, there were some clumps on the brush.  This is usually a sign of a dried out mascara ( time to replace) and that proved to be true here as well. The formula was very dry, and it took several coats for the mascara to eb even visible on my lashes. Even with the application of several coats, i didnt notice any thickening or lengthening effect. One good thing, it didn't smudge at all during the day and still looked pretty much the same after eight hours of wear. Overall, i think this mascara was a waste of six dollars.

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