EcoTools Makeup Brushes

The Promise
Green is no longer just an eyeshadow hue in your compact, or a candle on your countertop - it's become a lifestyle choice. With the launch of EcoTools, the premiere mass eco-conscious cosmetic brush and bath accessories collection, going green has never been more rewarding.

The Truth
It's no secret that I love green products, be it fashion, home products, food , or beauty I beleive that 2 dollars spent on a green product is better than $1 spent on a damaging product. I think that when we make an investment in the healthy future of the world around us we get it back ten-fold. That being said green living can be very expensive, and often we can be limited in our choices because of this. So imagine my elation when I checked my mail today and found EcoTools. Not only are they made of bamboo, which is a completely sustainable resource, recycled aluminum, and synthetic bristles, not only are they housed in reusable pouches and printed with plant-based ink, utilizing resources that minimize the negative impact on the environment, and not only are they associated with 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet, but they are also incredibly reasonably priced(between $2 and $8 a piece.
No way I thought theres got to be a catch, they've got to be cheaply made or really ugly or something. But i was wrong on both counts. These brushes are actually quite cute, I especially love the little reusable case in the % piece set ($10.99). They are also quite well made, with no glue spots showing, and they don't even shed.
I have to say I am actually quite impressed with this collection form EcoTools, I am definately going to be trying the bath products....
Happy Shopping