Napolean Perdis Madame Crystal Mascara

Napoleon Perdis Peep Show - Madame Crystal

The Promise

Madame Crystal is the mistress of disguise - and discretion. A truly smooth operator, she works her magic thanks to a clever clear formula that separates, hydrates and defines lashes, opening up the eye area with a luminous and natural finish like a good mascara should. And all without a tell tale trace.

The Truth

There are days when you want to look glam. You wear bright red lipstick, do our hair perfectly and wear the perfect volume enhancing, super curling dark black mascara. Then there are those days when you want to wear sweats, throw your hair in a ponytail and just be comfy. These are my favorite days, when I can just relax and not worry. It’s very easy though to cross the line between comfy and sloppy.

You should be able to relax your makeup routine on your day off, but don’t throw it out altogether. Your inner goddess should be allowed to shine through. This is where Madame Crystal comes in, it gives you nicely separated lashes that look and feel nice, without giving you a “made up” look.

Extra bonus- If you fall asleep on the couch you wont have “Raccoon Eyes” when you wake up!


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