Mally Beauty City Shadow Smokey Eye Kit


The Promise
An all-in-one kit that gives you the secret to the great, smoky eyes that Mally creates for her biggest clients. Never heavy and fake, always smooth, real, and sexy. Start with an extended-wear shadow base. Add three perfectly matched shadow shades: a rich, pretty shade for the lid; a darker defining shade for the crease; and a highlighter to open the eyes on the brow bone. Add a matched sultry liner pencil, and blend. Three minutes later, you've got the eyes all Mally's clients ask for.

The Truth
The smoky eye is probably one of the most lusted after looks in the beauty world. It is universally flattering and can be dressed up or down depending on the colors that you use. A lot of women however, become intimidated by this look and don’t make use of its versatility.
That’s where Mally Beauty comes in. They’ve created their smoky eye kit to solve just this problem. Each kit, (there are 6 )comes with a cream shadow base, 3 coordinated shadows, and a detailed set of instructions on how to create the perfect smoky eye.
I tried Nolita Navy, which features a creamy pink mixed with both rich and deep blues. It was very simple to use and the instructions are surprisingly thorough. (Brownstone is gorgeous with neutral, earthy tones; Skyscraper is sultry in a rich slate/gray palette; Central Park flourishes with an assortment of greens and Plum Chelsea is a warm set of natural plums.)

The smoky eye is like the Little Black dress of the makeup world, and Mally beauty makes it nice and easy to implement it into your makeup regime.