MAC Blue Storm

n Falls Horizon, a new formation of hues: stratus blues, dense billowing pink tinges cumulus, set against deep rolling overcast greys …

A Thunderclap of shades so intense, deeply pigmented and atmospheric, they take your eye to the heart of the storm with a look that is sophisticated,well- rendered, and paradoxically, calm.For the lips; Light filled bolts of clear silver, dusty pinks, and red sky at night plums. Forecast to last all fall and winter.

Kohl Power Profile
An eye pencil clenched in black wood and specially formulated with carbon black. The formula provides a full and intense opaque coverage combined with duo-chrome pearl to give a dramatic look. It can be easily blended or smudged to create a variety of powerful looks. This concentrated eye pencil contains key ingredients of castor oil and vitamin C & E which help nourishand protect the skin. Applicationon the waterline is extremely easy, comfortable and safe. Ophthalmologist tested and safe for use with contact lenses.

Kohl Power
Feline Rich black (frost)
Mystery Rich black with green and teal pearl (frost)
Suggested Retail Price: $13.50 U.S./$16.00 CDN

White silver sparkle (frost)
Lull Pink lilac (frost)
Atmospheric Rich grape with red and gold pearl (frost)
Suggested Retail Price$16.50 CDN

Blue Storm Cool royal blue with blue and silver pearl (frost)
Stormwatch Deep teal (matte)
Thunder Rich blue with purple pearl (frost)
Cumulus Creamy grey with silver pearl (frost)
Cloudburst Black with blue pearl (velvet)
Suggested Retail Price: $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

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