Lol Lip Pop - Jelly Pong Pong

Jelly Pong Pong

The Promise
Glitzy Hollywood gloss in delish lolly flavours. Gives a silky plastic sheen for luscious, succulent lips. High in shimmer and fun! Available in 6 utterly uninhibited shades.
Bonus : Hot pink reflective tube makes it so easy to find in a clutterred bag.

The Truth

"A boy named Tom I did desire
His smile, His eyes, his cool attire
So I got a new top
With sexy Lol Lip Pop
And to his room we did retire"

That’s the poem splashes across the back of this adorable, bright metallic pink, lollipop covered packaging. Jelly Pong Pong was created to produce “products with soul , which tell a funny story, which rekindle romances and which are created because we are inspired by the weird & wonderful”, and have they ever. They create the types of products that make being a girl really fun.

Lol Lip Pop is available in 6 fantastic shades;
Cherry Surprise A sweet dolly pink, for hotel-heiress blondes
Raspberry Parfait
For those who want to make a statement. Keep eye make up light with this one
Grape Sherbet Brunettes, try this Unique & Beautiful on girls with dark hair
Strawberry Slush Our bestseller! On fair lips, this looks chilli red. On darker ones, it looks like a glossy stain
Butterscotch Fudge For a bronze, hot-cognac slick on lips
Rum Raisin The ultimate gloss for a just-bitten shade. Highly unique color

I tried out the Cherry surprise and despite my lack of blond hair and hotel heiress status, it looked fantastic on me. It’s a bright clear pink (almost a Barbie pink) with a beautiful shimmer. It goes on really nicely and shockingly is not sticky at all. It looks almost like a plastic on my lips its so shiny. This is a really fun gloss to wear and would look great at the beach or at the mall, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the boardroom. It has a really light fruity smell that doesn’t fade as the day goes on, but doesn’t overwhelm either. All in all I think this is one of the most fun products I’ve seen in a while.