Jelly Pong Pong – Shoe Palette

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The Promise
Dedicated to shoe fanatics, Shoe Palette is a quirky twist to the classic lip-and-eye kit. We love that it comes in 2 wearable combinations to be layered, and a mirror in silent testament to women on the go. This shoe-themed palette, printed with a witty poem, contains complimenting cream shadow, lip shimmer and heaps of glamour.
Bonus : Long-lasting product gives a luminous & brilliant finish, without the stickiness.

The Truth

A shoe fanatic, I go manic
When I see shoes
Oh the loves of my life
On them I thrive
And would not deprive
Myself of the sheer pleasure
The ecstasy
The joy unmeasured
When I put my shoes
My wondrous darling shoes on
My toes wiggle
My heart giggles
It feels crazy I know
I’ve gone to heaven and back
Because this is so much
Better than sex

This palette was made for me. No, seriously. If there’s one thing I love more than makeup, its shoes. As a teenager I spent many a year working in shoe stores, where I literally worked for shoes. Every payday I would come home with 4 or 5 pairs (and of course a few matching purses)
This palette has more going for it than just shoes though. Available in 2 colors (plush pumps, and vertigo stiletto) I tried the Vertigo Stiletto which features a rich chocolaty brown shade with a bronze shimmer, and a pearlescent white lip jelly that has a nice silver shimmer. The shadow is nice but not fantastic, the lips jelly however is the perfect shade to wear all on its own.
My only compliant about this is that there’s no applicator. Personally I prefer applying cream based cosmetics with a brush, especially when I’m out, to avoid messy hands.
Overall this is a nice fun product that a great addition to the purses of all shoe lovers.