Chic Shine - Jelly Pong Pong

Chic Shine
Jelly Pong Pong


The Promise
An ingenious pairing of soft gele and matte satin for the cheeks and lips. Use gele for a healthy glow, matte for a deeper flush or together for the right seductive mix. Lasts forever and smells of sumptuous mango.

Bonus : Comes in an adorable mirrored compact, diminutive enough to be toted around.

The Truth
I love multitasking makeup, I also love makeup that fits into my tiny little purses. This package by Jelly Pong Pong does both. Available in three shades, Brazillian, Ballerina, and I’m In Love, each containing both a gele and a shimmer color.
I tried the Ballerina which is a combination of bright rich pink gele with a pale shimmer, and a gorgeous pale pink that looks like a ballet slipper (hence the name). I found that both shades look great on the cheeks, especially when I blended them together. The gele is a very sheer shade so blending was pretty easy. I like them blended on the lips as well, but my favorite application for this was the matte satin pink on my lips. It was the perfect shade of pink. I definitely recommend this to everyone who like little purses and hard workers.