Booty Parlor Don’t Stop Massage Oil

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The Promise
Right There. Just a little bit lower. Don’t stop, please.
Don’t Stop Massage Oil is the perfect way to set seduction in motion. The best part? Unlike most massage oils, it's got a subtle fragrance, a silky texture. Never sticky, never overpowering. We leave that in the hands of the masseur....
Let the light and sensual scent (a blend of plums, raspberries, jasmine, sandalwood and cedar) wash over you as you're massaged into submission, or simple relaxation. This delicate formula also doubles as a sensually scented bath oil. Pour a few capfuls into your next sexy soak as a warm up - then keep it close for a frisky apres bath massage!
Don’t Stop massage oil is just the beginning.

The Truth
This was a really great product for me to try because I somehow managed to convince my sweetie that to truly test out massage oil, I had to receive as well as give a massage. From a massagers perspective this is a nice oil, it provides a nice amount of slip without being greasy, and a quarter size amount was enough to cover his entire back. It has a really great sensual fragrance as well, a combination of plums, raspberry, jasmine, sandalwood, and cedar.
On the flipside it was fantastic to be massaged with this oil, but to be fair I would have loved an olive oil massage if that was all I could get. It left me feeling very soft and moisturized.
This is definitely a great way to start a night…….