The Body Shop DuoGlow

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The Promise
Fabulous loose shimmering powders to create a natural-looking bronze or rosy glow on the cheeks or decolletage. Sheer and pearly creams enhance your natural radiance, around the eyes, cheeks and wherever the sunlight falls.

The Truth
A lot of women I know are intimidated by blush. Young women think that its for old ladies, and more mature women think its for girls.

This is madness!! Madness I tell you!!

There is no simpler way to bring life to your face than with a hint of blush. It can look good on ladies young and old as well as all skin shades; the secret is in the shade.
Gone are the days of your grandmothers crimson blush, the key word now is subtlety.
I tried out Duo Glow in Salvador Blush which is a “luscious sweet pink shade infused with beautiful shimmering pearls”. This is a really great starting point for those blushaphobics out there, because its one of those great products that is universally flattering. It’s a soft pastel pink that goes on wonderfully sheer. This shade will flatter you whether your Goth pale or midnight black.
Its very simple to apply as well, you simply pat on the powder on the apples of your cheeks (best done while smiling), your temple, and the bridge of your nose (as well as any where else you’d like) using the puff provided, and them apply the cream (using your fingers) to the cheekbone, inner eye, and on the brow bone. I know it might sound complicated , but once you’ve done it twice you’ll be an old pro, and trust me you wont know how you lived without it.
So go on and try it out blushaphobics, I guarantee that you’ll love it.