SexySmile Lipgloss

Product Info

The Promise
Only a dentist could come up with this ingenious lip gloss: It has a tooth whitener attached! Celebrity dentist Dr. Pia Lieb says she created SexySmile to use while you're on the go, so you can brighten your teeth after you drink red wine, tea or other liquids that can stain. A single application of the whitener (applied in a circular motion for six to eight seconds per tooth) will brighten teeth. Afterward, just put on the attached lip gloss and go.

The Truth
I live on coffee, from the moment I wake up until just before bed there is always a cup of java within arms reach. If, heaven forbid I miss my cup in the morning I walk around in a haze all day, until I get it. My addiction however, is not without its setbacks. From the first cup of coffee I drink in the morning, I can feel a film building on my teeth. I used to try (unsuccessfully) to combat this by matching each cup of coffee with a glass of water, and although this kept me well hydrated it didn’t really do anything for my teeth.
This is why I was so excited when I found sexy smile. A lip-gloss that whitens your teeth and freshens your breath? Why was this not thought of before?
You simply take the wand and rub it onto each tooth for 6 or so seconds. Voila grunge is gone. It’s actually that simple.
Available in 6 colors (Café latte, Boardroom Berry, Bombshell Blond, Stripped Bare, Wear it to bed red, and late night Bordeaux) There is a shade for every occasion.
I tried this lip-gloss in the bombshell blond. Its sheer color, with a medium shimmer, that layered quite nicely. Great for a daytime look.
This gloss is not a replacement for a dentists whitening procedures, but it will give your smile a nice subtle pick me up, and wonderfully fresh breath.