MAC C Shock Eyeshadow

Available at MAC
$14 USD

The Promise

Voraciously vivid. Brazenly bright. A collection of high-energy, shade powerful Lipsticks, Lipgelées and Eye Shadows. Not for style wimps, fashion wusses, or the tone-timid. If colour is your thing, don't be shy...C Shock it!

The Truth
The amazing Stephanie form MAC was generous enough to hook me up with some fantastic samples from their new C-SHOCK collection. My first impression when they came out of the box was “HOLY SH*T!!!!!! Those are some bright colors!!!!!!” they really weren’t kidding when they called these high pigmented. They scream LOOK AT ME, and I love it! It would be very easy to overload on these colors as they are very vibrant. It is possible however to incorporate them into your everyday makeup routines. The collection consists of 8 shades of shadow;

Going Bananas
– Soft Lemon Yellow (Frost)
For everyday wear I like this shadow as a sheer wash over the lid paired with a medium to dark brown liner. For an evening look it goes fantastic with a plum shade for a smoky eye look.

Fab & Flashy - Mid-tone orange with gold pearl (Frost)
This color is a bit vibrant for everyday but is perfect as a liner across the upper lids when paired with a pale blue eyeshadow for an evening look.

Bang On Blue - Royal blue with pink pearl (Frost)
This is probably the richest hue in the collection. For daytime it’s nice when toned down by a pale pink shadow. For nighttime it’s an amazing stand alone color applied liberally around the entire eye using a damp makeup brush

EyePopping - Soft lime green with gold and yellow pearl
This shade really lives up to its name. For daytime era I like it on the lids with a sweep of cream over top to tone it down. For an evening look its gorgeous paired with the Going Bananas shade or with a pale gold.

Wondergrass - Intense kiwi green (Frost)
This is a nice bright clean green, almost like a grass green, for daytime it makes a really nice shadow and would really complement green or hazel eyes. For Nighttime I like it as a stand alone shade. It’s also the right shade of green to wear under your eyes as a liner as well.

Passionate - Real mid-tone red (Matte)
This is a really bright pinky red shade that wouldn’t really work for daytime use. For nighttime it would pair nicely with a cream tone.

Big T - Intense aqua with green pearl (Frost)
This has to be my absolute favorite shadow ever, I mean like ever. I wear it during the day as a thick liner above my upper lash line, paired with a cream shadow. It makes them pop! At night I just smudge under my eyes and away I go, I don’t need to add a thing other than mascara.

These colors may be intimidating at first but they are so easy to work with, (MAC shades are great for blending) that you should have no problems working them in. If you’re looking for drama in your look( and really who isn’t) Then these shades will work for you.