Booty Parlor I’m So Sexy Lipgloss

Product Details and to Purchase

The Promise

Hey there, hotlips! You've got such a sexy smile!
Your lips are one of the most mouth-watering erogenous zones you’ve got. Enhance that sexy pout!
Try our red-hot Peppermint Pink with a hint of peppermint flavor, and a tingly lip plumping ingredient when you want to feel super-sexy.
One dab, and who knows what you’ll inspire?

The Truth
This gloss will make you feel great before you even open the box. Its literally covered in ego inducing messages, you’re so sexy hotlips announces the outer packaging, and it gets even better when you open it up.

I’m so kissable
I’m so gorgeous
I’m so irresistible
I’m so sultry

With packaging like this, who needs a boyfriend?
This gloss is available in two shades, peppermint pink and Cinnamon Shine. I tried the peppermint pink which is a really sweet pastel pink which smells, you guessed it, like peppermint. The only downside was the taste which was more Vaseline than peppermint. This turned out to be a good thing though as it enabled me to not eat it all off in the first three minutes.
The gloss looked really fantastic all on its own. I really like it for a natural look. With the amount of shimmer it contains it would probably look a little over the top paired with a lipstick though.
I definitely recommend this lipstick to anyone; it’s a great color for all skin tones and would be a welcome addition to any makeup bag