The Body Shop Crystal Sparkle Gloss

The Body Shop $14.50

The Promise

Super sheer lip glosses, each oozing with dazzling sparkle and shimmer and a fabulously refreshing and fruity passionflower fragrance

The Truth
Available in 2 colors (Santiago Pink and Acapulco Golden Pink) I tried the Acapulco Golden Pink which is a peachy gloss with a bold golden sparkle and golden opalescence (Santiago pink is a deep pink gloss with a bright pink, copper, and berry sparkle)
This gloss is so sheer its almost translucent but the shimmer is really nice and bold. This is the type of gloss you can wear with an otherwise naked face and still look glammed up.
The best part of this gloss though is the flavor. It tastes and smells like fresh peaches. This is a nice tropical treat, and my new summer must have.