Vasanti Eyeshadow

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The Promise

Gorgeous easy to wear shades in Shimmer or Matte Formulas. Our Eyeshadows contain micronized pigments which give the powders a smooth application and make them easy to blend and last all day.

The Truth

I tried these Eyeshadows in three colors; Honolulu, which is a beautiful soft blue, Toronto, which is a light tan, and Bangkok which is a clear turquoise blue.
All three of theses colors have a great texture with quite a bit of pigment and shimmer. They blend very well together, and with other brands of eyeshadow as well. The Toronto was a very nice neutral and would go well with most conservative looks. It was great spread across my entire lid, or in the crease when paired with a nice champagne tone.
The Honolulu and Bangkok were both very vibrant and added a lot of pop to my eyes. I paired them both with neutrals for day time look and with a dark grey for a dramatic evening look.
These shadows have a great lasting power as well. I applied in the morning and by mid-afternoon they were still vibrant and strong which was great..
I was really impressed with theses shadows and will definitely be trying out more shades.