Vasanti Eye Pencils

Product details and to Purchase

The Promise

Our Lip and Eye Pencils contain Orange Wax, Vitamin A and Vitamin E - all of which have anti-oxidant properties and will fight free radicals while they moisturize. Shea butter and Jojoba Oil have also been added to ensure a creamy formulation that glides on beautifully and lasts all day!

The Truth

I tried the eye pencil in Amazon, which is a bright aqua blue. I am very impressed by the amount of color it deposited. Most bright eyeliners don’t really show up unless their wet, but I applied this liner dry and the color was fantastically bright and very noticeable.
This is a great color for most skin types because it really helps to brighten and open the eye. I like it applied all the way around the outer and inner lash lines for a lot of drama, but it looks great by itself under the lower, or over the upper lashes as well.
Another way I tried it was smudged as an eyeshadow. I applied it thickly above the upper lashes and then used a sponge tipped brush to push the color upwards. This looked really nice and toned the color down a bit. I am really excited about this liner because with my light blue eyes it’s really hard for me to wear blue liner. But this aqua tone really looks great.