Vasanti Eye and Cheek Putty

Product Details and to Purchase

The Promise

We've brought back those youthful memories with our new and clever Eye and Cheek Putties. They have a fun & featherweight texture that's packed with rich build-able color. Using innovative technology, we've created a playful, plasticine-like texture that is malleable and clay-like, making it effortless to achieve a perfectly smooth makeup effect. These irresistible putties can be worn as a single shade for a sheer wash of colour or layered for more intensity.

The Truth

Multi tasking products seem to be a big thing over at Vasanti. I really like how a lot of the products were seeing can do double or even triple duty. The newest one to come to my attention is the Eye and Cheek Putty, which is available in four great colors.
I tried out the Wonderland which is a sheer and bright pink. It has a really interesting texture very springy in the jar but creamy once it’s on your fingers.
If you layer it lightly on your cheeks you get a really soft almost blushing glow. This would be great for a wedding day blush. Very innocent looking. You can also layer it a little thicker for a more noticeable “glow”.
On your eyes you’re going to want to put it on a little thicker. It has a really great texture that doesn’t stick in the crease of your eyes so you can place it thicker than a lot of other creamy Eyeshadows. The color in it really made my blue eyes pop and I didn’t need to wear any other shadow color with it, just a thick line of black eyeliner and black mascara.
This is a great product for those days when you’re carrying a little purse and just don’t have the room for a lot of product.