Tinte Flavored Lip Shine

Product details and to Purchase

The Promise

Our flavored lip shines all have shimmer, and a high shine look. A sweet treat for your lips, with multi-moisturizing and nourishing properties along with sexy shine! Give your lips the pleasure of being pampered! Enriched with Shea Butter, these shimmers all have such a great tastes you’ll want to eat them up! Or he will!

The Truth
These lip glosses come in really cute container that looks a little bit like nail polish, and are available in great colors with cute names such as plum-sious, peachy sheen, and float to name a few.

I tried out the haute-chocolate which is a rich creamy brown that tastes and smells like vanilla. To be honest this isn’t really a color that I would normally try. I tend to lean more towards the girlie pinks and peaches than to the browns because I am so fair, and this shade in the bottle looks very dark. On the lips though, it’s a very wearable color, a light sheer brown with just enough shimmer to shine without looking like glitter.

Its very slick as well, not really sticky, and it lasted quite a while surprisingly. (To be honest the first two or three application didn’t last at all because I ate them off within a minute of application).

The downside though is that with the shape of the bottle it would be hard to get the last bits of gloss out, not impossible but hard. All in all I think this is a really great gloss, with a really great flavor, and with the range of colors they have to choose from there really is something for everyone.