Tarte Rock Royalty

Product Details and to Purchase

The Promise

London in June, New York in July, LA in August…the jet-setting life of a rock royal on her summer tour looks like a recipe for jet lag. Somehow, though, they manage to appear fresh-faced & glowing on even the earliest morning-show appearance. Good genes or good makeup? Who knows…but we’re willing to bet on the latter. Score the same faux-glow with a palette that features a sheer candy pink blush (charm), a gold highlighter and our acclaimed mineral bronzer, Park Avenue princess. It’s everything you need to tan, glow, and shimmer like the rockstar you secretly are.

The Truth

This palette from Tarte comes in the cutest purple and gold compact. Packaged with a little guitar cut out, it practically screams rock and roll even before you open it.
The three colors in the palette are a soft pink, a creamy white, and a medium brown, meant to be used as a blush, highlighter and bronzer respectively. Of course I’ve never been one to follow directions, so I couldn’t resist trying them all over the face.
The pink was a little too “sweet” for me on the apple of the cheeks but it looked great spread sheerly across the forehead and nose. I tried it as an eyeshadow but it has a little too much red tone in it.
The brownish color was really almost perfect for my light skin tone, and it looked great as a bronzer. It also made a nice low-lighter applied just underneath the cheekbone to create definition. It was good as an eyeshadow applied in the crease, and outer corner, I tried it with both a goldy shade and a pale pink eyeshadow on the lid, and it worked with both. If you have a dark complexion, this color would make an amazing highlighter, it has the perfect amount of shine to it.
I think my fave shade was the white highlighter. It went on very sheer without too much shimmer, And it looked great everywhere I applied it; on my eyes as a shadow, across the cheekbones, as a highlighter below the eyebrows and across the chin, and my fave application, across the middle of the bottom lip over a darker lip-gloss.
This is a nice versatile palette, and you really can’t beat it for the price. The three colors work well together and separate, and it contains everything you need for a great summer glow.