Tarte Inside Out Lip-Glo

Product Details

The Promise

Beautify from the Inside Out with vitamin-infused lipgloss. The ultimate in double-duty beauty, tarte’s long-lasting, moisturizing lipgloss works to soothe and hydrate lips, while BORBA’s nutraceutical blend delivers powerful skin-caring ingredients. The pomegranate-scented lipgloss is mouth-wateringly gorgeous with its hint of sexy sheen, but it’s the vitamin cocktail that will keep you coming back for more.

The Truth

According to Tarte the average woman eats between 2 and 4 pounds of lip-gloss in her life. At the rate I’m going it’s probably at least double that for me. I wonder what the caloric intake is for Plushglass? Hmm, I could be in trouble here.
Tarte had decided that since we're ingesting so much gloss, we might as well try and make it as nutritious as possible. They added a whole bunch of vitamins, so when you eat it all off, you’re actually doing your body a favor.
The best thing of all though is that this gloss still looks great. I tried the Om color and it was a really nice shimmery light pink( its also available in a bright fushcia pink and a beautiful righ brwn tone) . It went on great not gooey or drippy. It smelled great too. Why not treat your body as well as your lips?