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I am a very stable person. I have long term friends, I make long term plans, I am in a committed relationship and we even have a cat. A CAT! If that’s not stability and commitment, then well I just don’t know what is.
But I have a problem. When it comes to cosmetics, I just can’t commit. There I said it. I like to change mix it up, be wild and free. I don’t want to be held down by one lip gloss, nail color, blush, or fragrance. There are so many great scents and colors out there and I want to try them all. I want to be a lipstick pimp, a perfume playa, and an eyeliner Casanova. There is just too much love in me for one shade of lip-liner
I know Im not the only one out there ladies, admit it. You like to mix it up a bit too don’t you? Well these fragrances are by So..? Cosmetics are perfect for you. There’s a new fragrance for each day of the week (well almost, you can wear one twice) and at these prices you wont have to refinance your mortgage to be able to afford them. They are available in six distinctive scents;
So..? Kiss Me
The flirty fruity fragrance for the cheeky and flirtatious girl who likes to tease. A clever combination of scents which are edibly sweet, flirtatiously fruity and sassily sensual. Top notes of blackcurrant, pineapple and citron over layers of muguet and freesia, and musky vanilla.
This scent is sweet and girly, and very subtle. I like this scent for days when I want to wear pink, chew bubblegum and just be a girl.
So..? Desirable
The fragrance that brings out the incurable romantic yet seductive side in every girl. Fabulously floral, exotic aromas of musk, freesia and magnolia lightened with fruity notes of apple and mandarin.
This is the scent to wear if you want to make them drool. It’s great for those days where you want your “feminine mystique” to wow the crowd. It’s a very noticeable fragrance that will linger in the air after you’ve left the room.
So..? Wild
The day and night fragrance for the girls who are free, eccentric, love fun and want to live over the top. Its for fun-loving, carefree, fashionable, spirits. A feminine vanilla base, with an eccentric floral middle note of pink peony topped with energetic an citrus with living tangerine.
Want to get noticed? This is the scent for you. Citrus and floral at the same time, this is a really unique scent that will have people sit up and take notice. It’s energizing and fresh and practically screams “ Im young and beautiful! Pay attention to me”. This would be a great scent for a day at the carnival, or somewhere really fun.
So..? Sinful
Lose yourself on a journey of excess, wrap yourself in mystery with this tempting yet mysteriously devilish new fragrance, but keep it a secret, save it for yourself, and keep everyone guessing! Not for the tame and innocent.
A deliciously mysterious fragrance combines gourmand, edible base notes with a delicate floral middle. The sparkling top notes are provided by a fresh fruity accord.
This scent is so delicious that you are going to put it on and immediately try to seduce yourself. It just smells that good. Need further proof? Just ask my sister in law, who took one sniff and claimed the body spray. She’s lucky I still have the eau de toilette or she may have lost a hand.
So..? Superstar
The true leader of the pack. All the girls wanna be you and all the guys wanna be with you. Demand attention wherever you go. The So..? Superstar girl oozes unique perfection, glitz and glamour. A girl that not only goes for what she wants but gets what she wants.
A bubbly vivacious fragrance with a sparkling top of fresh orange, pomegranate, and tropical passion fruit, leading to a heart of bright freesia and lily of the valley on a base of almond and musk.

This is a nice subtly sweet and clear scent. The name alone will give you delusions of grandeur (not that there’s anything wrong with that). This is for days when you want to be pampered. Great to wear for a day of shoe shopping or manicures.
So..? What
Definitely not for wallflowers or shrinking violets - it has an allure that will have the opposite sex begging for a date!!! Not for the fainthearted!
An unmistakable floral undertone of jasmine & rose, and an outrageous citrus kick
A great scent when you want to make them do your bidding. This is the scent for the days when your confidence is in overdrive, and you want to show no mercy.

While the eau de toilettes come in delicate looking glass bottles best kept at home, the body sprays are handy to keep in your gym bag or desk for mid-day touch ups. And with these prices you don’t have to feel bad about splurging on one or three.