Tinte Vintage Lip Color

Product Details and to Purchase
Price $14

The Promise

All true color and coverage without shimmer. Our creamy silky texture is enhanced with Shea Butter and Vitamin enriched minerals, and makes for a soft succulent smooch, and our flavor and scent assure you won’t be forgotten.
With our lip color you won’t even need a liner. The silky formula flavor and shine, keeps the lips full of moisture. Glaze over your pout for a sophisticated color.

The Truth

This lip color comes in a great vintage looking slide-close can emblazoned with the brands signature lips. Available in seven hunger producing flavors.(Root beer, Blackberry jam, Cream Soda, Peppermint, Miss Pepper, Bubblegum, Peaches and Cream) I tried out the Miss Pepper which is a rich red color.

The solid color becomes almost a liquid right on contact with skin, so it was really easy to apply with my fingers. It just glided right on. It was a great sheer color too, without any shimmer at all which is a nice change. It smells and tastes great too.

The greatest part though is the moisture put it on in the morning when you’re getting ready, and you’ll still be able to fell it when you get home. This is definitely a great light gloss for those days when you just want to take it easy, and look natural.