Daren and Diane’s Rosemary Glycerin Soap

Product Details


The Promise

The first thing you’ll notice about this soap is the citrus scent as it unwinds from the plastic wrap. Rosemary is a wonderful natural antibacterial which I added to this vegan glycerin soap base along with cocoa nut oil and cocoa butter to replenish the oils you might have lost from your hands while gardening without gloves.
This garden soap is also safe for the full body if so deciding to shower with it.

The Truth

A friend of mine gave me this soap to try out a while ago. She got it from Etsy which I’m sure you know is an online mall where you can buy products that are a little under the radar. There are a lot of really talented artists selling their wares on Etsy.

I did notice the scent first but not for the reasons that I think the artist was going for. It smelled very strong of orange and lemon fragrance. I found it very similar to Mr. Clean scent. I’m not a big fan of citrus scents to begin with and this one wasn’t one of the best.

After washing my hands with it I noticed that it left a residue behind. It almost felt like I hadn’t rinsed it well enough, but even after rinsing again it remained. The only way to get rid of it was to wash again with my trusty Dove hand soap. Good old Dove.

I was actually surprised because I have found glycerin soaps really are quite nice, and I’ve ordered many a good one from Etsy before. I have noticed though that the ones I find the best are normally all natural ingredients and no chemical additives, which is not the case with this soap.

I actually went back and forth on whether or not to post this. I don’t want to give anything but props to all the indie artists out there. I feel however that in this case I just couldn’t. Etsy has some really great products to offer, this just isn’t one of them.