Awesome Alert

It seems that everyone shops at the same places these days. The other day I bought the greatest little purple halter top. I thought it was so unique, that is until a week later I saw the exact same top in three, (yes THREE), stores in the mall. This drives me crazy.

I like to be unique. I can’t stand when I go and spend two hours getting all purdied up only to realize that I am wearing the exact same top (or shoes, or purse, or perfume) as the girl sitting across from me.

That’s why I LOVE Gina Alexander. She makes gorgeous custom photo purses. You can have a hand in every part of the design from the style to the picture, even the lining can be customized, so your bag will practically scream your name.

A picture-of a lover, a friend, a child, a pet, your husband, wife, mother or father. An image of the whole family, or somebody who is gone but not forgotten. A reunion, anniversary, birthday, a great moment at the office! These fond portraits are the hallmark of handbags and accessories by GINA ALEXANDER

I ordered the classic small bamboo handbag (Beyonce has the same one.), with a picture of my (gorgeous) niece and nephew on it. It turned out amazing. The quality of the picture is so high, it almost seems like the purse is made of photo paper, but don’t worry its very durable. People have actually stopped me on the street to ask where I got it.

You can feel good about splurging, as a portion of every handbag sold goes to the charity Hope For Children, which is committed to assisting families interested in adoption without the financial means to accomplish it. She is also and active member on the board of the philanthropy.

There is such a great selection, that you can find the perfect purse for anyone and everyone. From small cosmetic bags to huge totes, and everything in between. So why carry your precious photos around inside of your purse where no one can see them?

Prices starting under $100.00