Awesome Alert!!!

I love headbands! Hard ones, soft ones, big ones small ones, all of them. I love them all. The mirror over my dresser is literally covered with headbands of all colors and styles (and a tiara but that’s another story altogether). Headbands are fantastic, they work for almost any situation, and they look great on anyone. If youve evr seen me odds are I was wearing a headband.

I was browsing through Etsy recently when I came across B Charmer , by Colleen MacDonald. She makes the cutest headbands ever. They're reversible, and feature really great fabrics on both sides. I had to have one!

These headbands are really well made and they fit like a dream. Even though I love them, some of my other headbands are so tight that to give me a headache after a few hours, and others are so loose they fall right off my head with a strong breeze. This one sits perfectly, and I could wear it forever. The best part? The price $12.50 for both the ready made bands and the custom ones.

Check it out here,

B Charmer Etsy Store