Spell Casters Spell Bomb - Jazz Much Love As You Can Handle

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The Promise

Our Love Blend
Jasmine, lavender and vanilla essential oils blended with lavender flowers and rose petals to attract love. Embedded with a rose quartz to open your heart and draw more love into your life

The Truth

Skye from Spell Casters (website) provided me with one of her unique Spell Bombs to try out. Each of her bath bombs is made with essential oils and herbs and embedded with a stone to enhance its magical properties. Her line is very creative, with wonderful names such as Seven Minutes in Heaven (for passion), Good Swift Kick (negativity banishing), I Don’t Like Mondays (high energy blend), and many more. I chose to try out Jazz As Much Love As You Can Handle.

This bath bomb arrived at my house while I was out and it was placed on top of my microwave. As soon as I walked by it, though, I knew it was something yummy. The fragrance being emitted by this little brown envelope was out of this world. I promised myself then and there that I would try it out that night and sat down to count the hours until I could reasonably take a bath.

However, life being what it is, I was prevented from taking a bath not only that night but the next night as well, and so I had to wait and wait.

The anticipation of the bath, however, only served to make me appreciate it more. As soon as I dropped it into the water, the bath bomb fizzed into life. I expected a beautiful strong aroma of jasmine, lavender, and vanilla. I expected a burst of bubbles turning my tub into a mini Jacuzzi. What I didn’t expect however were the flowers. All of a sudden my bath tub was filled with rose petals and herbs. It honestly felt like I was at the spa. It was incredible. As I soaked in the hot fragrant water it was almost as if I had no troubles in the world, and I emerged from the bath with nice silky skin, thanks to the essential oils.

But what about the magic you ask? Did it actually draw more love into your life? Well, it may have been the yummy fragrance, or the look of complete relaxation and satisfaction that I’m sure was drawn all over my face when I left that bathroom, but my sweetie sure noticed something he liked. I like to think that it was magic; it sure felt that way.