Spa Wisdom Monoi Moisture Balm

Product Details

The Body Shop

The Promise

An incredibly rich and intensely creamy moisturizing balm to envelop your skin with the fantastic scent of tropical flowers. Originating on the beautiful islands of the Pacific Ocean, Monoi de Tahiti oil is a traditional blend of tropical coconut oil and gardenia flowers.

The Truth

Housed in a big flat bright yellow tub, this moisturizer just about screams SMILE from across the room. As soon as you open the lid you are greeted with the most unusual and beautiful fragrance of tropical flowers. The smell isn’t specifically feminine though so it would be good for men or women.

It’s a very rich creamy moisturizer that takes a little bit of work to absorb into the skin, but it is definitely worth it. Intense and deep is the only way to describe how this moisturizer works. Dry cracked hands are soothed on the first application, and your skin is left feeling soft and velvety.

This product is filled to the brim with yummy natural moisturizers like coconut oil and fragrances like Ylang-Ylang, and it also contains many free trade ingredients such as babassu oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs serious moisture.