Shine Release® Daily Shampoo with Light Enhancers™

Product Details

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The Promise

Silky-lathering formula reveals incredible shine, clarity and luminosity while gently cleansing. Brings out the multi-dimensional richness of brown hair while enhancing highlights. Illuminates the rich, multi-dimensional spectrum of brunette tones…without adding or depositing color. With regular use, unique brunette tones come alive with vibrancy and incredible luster. Low-pH formula features cocoa bean extract and silk protein. For natural, color-treated or highlighted brunettes.

The Truth

Available for both light (amber to maple) and dark (chestnut to espresso), as well as shades of red, blonde and silver.

In my never ending search for products that will extend the life of my hair color, I came across the Brilliant Brunettes line by John Frieda. I have never really had any luck with color extenders, but this is probably because I tend to fall in love with impossible to keep up colors (fire engine red - beautiful, striking, impossible to maintain) and “maintain” them by re-dying my hair every two weeks.

This was actually a big surprise for me as it did work. My hair dye didn’t fade as quickly as it normally does. In addition, it left my hair very soft and manageable. I did find, however, that it smelled a lot like a men’s product (after much discussion on the subject and many people sniffing my hair I have come to the conclusion that it smells like men’s hand cream). Still yummy though.