Reader Recommended

Hi Jaymi,

I saw the link for your blog and couldn't resist. I'm such a product junkie, it's unreal!

Seriously, I should be investing in Shoppers Drug Mart!

Anyway I read your post about the disappointing hair volumizing product, and I have one for you to try out.

It's pretty expensive but I swear by the stuff!

Bumble and bumble thickening spray

I use it every day. I have past the shoulder thick hair that goes totally limp pretty early in the day unless I use this stuff.

Maybe being an 80's child is what inspires me, but I'm a fan of hair with oomph and I have found this product is the best. I get a bit of lift that doesn't go flat too early in the day without any sticky/oily/yucky residue of any sort.

Anyway, great blog - I'll be reading and I'll let you know about any other products you should test out!

- Sarah K.

Thanks for the recommendation Sarah, I will definitely be testing this out.