Cover Girl Professional Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadows

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The Promise

Our 4-kit collections of great shades are hand-picked by our make-up pro. The advanced, stay-put formulas blend effortlessly, to bring your eyes out beautifully, without overshadowing.

The Truth

I am an eyeshadow junkie. I literally have about a hundred different kinds of eyeshadow; every color imaginable has been on these lids. The reason is that I get bored easily, and this is one area where I find I can use bold and bright colors without it being over the top. Not to say I don’t like subtler neutrals; it’s just that when I do crave color, it’s my eyes that get it.

For some reason I never pick up eyeshadow sets. I don’t know why. They just don’t seem to catch my eye, until I saw these sets of four. I picked up the Crystal Waters and Shades of Grey, because they were the ones that caught my eye.

I really loved the color combination on Crystal Waters. There’s something about blue and green that I just love together, and adding the plum color really perked it up. The colors blended really well, and I liked the way they looked on the eye as much as in the palette, which is rare. Shades of grey is a combination of grey and pink, which is nice, however the darker shade of grey was a little bit dark for my skin.

Both palettes went on looking fabulous, bright and pure, and the colors really looked nice -- that is until I got to work. After working for about an hour my eyes looked almost naked. The Crystal Waters held on a bit better than Shades of Grey but it was still almost completely gone a quarter of the way through my shift. The same thing happened when I tried them out during the day: fantastic looking for a few hours, but then they just seemed to disappear.

In all fairness I should tell you that I have somewhat oily eyelids and do have some issues with most eyeshadow, but even still I’ve never had an eyeshadow disappear completely before.

We’ll call this the case of the disappearing eyeshadow.