Whish Mini Shave Crave

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$32 USD

The Promise

Dreaming of the fountain of youth? The pomegranate seems like a magical fruit and its rejuvenating properties make Pomegranate Shave Crave a revitalizing treat. Need a stress free start to your day? Think lemongrass. With its clean calming scent, it will smooth and tone your skin while acting as a natural stress reliever.
Can your skin ever be soft enough? Almond Shave Crave answers that question with a deeply moisturizing formula that smoothes and brightens dry skin.

The only thing better than lotions and potions, are precious little jars of lotions and potions. Our Mini Shave Crave trio is adorably sized for gift or travel.
Includes 1.69 ounces each of Pomegranate, Lemongrass and Almond flavors. Yummy.
Mini Shave Crave is hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, and made in the U.S.A

The Truth
The wonderful Heather at Whish sent me over these cute mini shaving creams to try.
Promising to change the way you look at shaving, Whish has a gorgeous array of shaving products to turn this chore into something fun. Each package contains “instructions” geared at turning shaving into a ritual, something to look forward to.
This set comes in three mouth-watering scents: almond, pomegranate and lemongrass. I was practically drooling over the almond scent. Chocked full of natural oils and glycerin soap, these creams hydrate as well as protect, and they left my skin feeling yummy and smelling even better. They gave me a great shave as well without a single nick or cut (yes, I am a complete klutz).
I highly recommend these creams for anyone who shaves. They really do make it more fun and feminine, and who can’t use an excuse to take a little more time for themselves