L’Oréal Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss

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The Promise

L'Oréal Paris launches 10 deliciously tempting shades of Colour Juice lip gloss. Featuring a glossy finish and a sheer cream texture, Colour Juice comes in a tube that's more than easy to handle, thanks to its round roll-on applicator. A formula with shine-filled ingredients that slick lips with a film of juicy moisture.

Choose from 10 sweetly scented, succulent shades that look good enough to eat!
Just squeeze and apply! Or use as a top coat over your favorite lipstick

The Truth

This gloss is the first lip product I’ve tried from L’Oréal. It’s available in quite a few shades, both neutral and vibrant. I chose the strawberry smoothie, which is a rich pink color (reminds me of a fruizzi).

It goes on pretty easily, but I used my finger instead of the applicator on my lips because it was a bit thick. It smells awesome but tastes like lip gloss, which kind of sucked since I consider lip gloss a food group.

It’s sheer and very shiny which I like, and it looked good both by itself and over lipstick. Another bonus is that it doesn’t have that glue-like feeling that some of the super shiny glosses are known for.

I’ve heard a lot about it being long lasting but that didn’t really come through for me. In my mind long lasting is 3 or 4 hours. This didn’t last half that, but most glosses don’t as I tend to be rough on makeup.

I’m definitely going to buy it again. Maybe next time I’ll try Watermelon Crush