Light Reflecting Conditioner with Light Enhancers™

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Product Details

The Promise
Transforms dull, dry, brown hair into soft, supple, satin brunette. Adds natural luster for intense, mirror-like shine. Non-color depositing formula fills in, mends and perfects dry, porous hair strands to create an ultra smooth and reflective surface. Immediately, hair looks and feels softer, more supple and is easier to manage. Features cocoa bean extract and crushed pearls. For natural, color-treated or highlighted brunettes.

The Truth

My first reaction to this conditioner was to laugh. I mean, seriously, am I supposed to believe that cocoa bean extract is going to make my hair browner? Maybe it works through the power of positive thinking -- the cocoa will put me in a chocolatey mood and I will emit brown energy through my hair….

Thankfully, however, I was able to look past all the marketing and try it out. It didn’t take much to go through my hair, and it rinsed out very easily, even in the bath. It really did make my hair soft and manageable too. From the first time I used it I noticed my hair was sleeker and silkier. I began to get compliments on it as well -- about how my hair is luminous (no, seriously, my mom said, “your hair is looking very luminous lately”). I have been using it along with the shampoo and it really has helped to prolong the life of my hair dye. Now after 6 weeks I’m re-dying because of my roots, not because my colour is faded out. Thank you cocoa bean.