John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shine Shock, Leave On Perfecting Glosser

Product Details

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The Promise

For natural, color-treated or highlighted brunettes.

be polished. Seal in shine, banish split ends and gloss away imperfections for a flawless, highly-reflective look. be brunette.

The Truth

Available for both light (amber to maple) and dark (chestnut to espresso), as well as shades of red, blonde and silver.

I had long hair up until a little while ago -- really long, unhealthy hair. I started using this product while my hair was still long, and I noticed a difference after using it, but nothing really worth writing home about. It sealed in the frizz and gave me a bit of shine but my hair still looked dead. I now know that this is because my hair was beyond fixing.

Since I cut my hair (13 inches!!!), I have developed a great appreciation for this glosser. It gives me amazing shine, and doesn't look greasy at all. My hair goes from dry and semi-dull to glossy, beautiful lush hair in under twenty minutes. Since you don’t have to use very much (for my shoulder length hair I use about a nickel-sized amount) the small bottle lasts a long time. I would say that this is probably what I would consider one of my favorite products on the market.

The only downside is that the results only seem to last about a day. After that your hair looks more stringy than glossy, so don’t use it if you’re not planning on washing your hair tomorrow.