Fresh scents by Terri Perfumes

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The Promise

I started blending my own fragrances about four years ago because I was so tired of smelling like everyone else and the "big" perfume companies weren't coming up with any unique scents. They all seemed to be copying each other. Well, I guess I hit upon a niche that needed to be filled because I was, and am, constantly stopped by both women and men asking what I am wearing and where could they buy it. After explaining that I blended my own fragrances I thought if this many people are interested in my fragrances then maybe it is a sign that I should start my own business. So I did...My business started out by word of mouth, expanding to the web and into some wonderful boutiques and stores around the world.

The Truth

Terri from Fresh scents by Terri recently sent me over some of awesome fragrances.
She has really great packaging for her scents featuring a different vintage looking woman on each one. I like the simple square bottles as well it really stands out.
I’m not normally one for perfumes because I find they all smell alike, but these are different. Her fragrances have unique and creative combinations like white rain and white musk (breathe), vanilla and fig (dream), and china rain and gardenia (My lulu).
My favorite is the My Lulu, it quickly becoming “my” scent. I wear it everywhere, and everyone keeps asking me what it is. Its really fresh and clean smelling really great for Spring.
The feature I like the most though is that it lasts. I sprayed it on before work and could still smell it faintly by the time I got home. That is an impressive feat.