Dremu Cashmere Hand and Body Lotion

Product Details and To Purchase

The Promise
Cashmere luxurious hand and body lotion contains emu oil for deep, penetrating moisture, plus vitamins, emollients and amino acids to hydrate even the driest skin, aloe-vera to keep the skin supple by bringing oxygen to the cells, a mild fruit acid to smooth away roughness and dull, ashy dry skin, and micronized mica to polish and leave a soft sheen.
Cashmere also contains a dash of exquisite Ylang-Ylang essential oil, famous for its subtle aphrodisiac scent

The Truth
The fantastic David over at Dremu sent me a bottle of their Cashmere body lotion to try out. The word cashmere is synonymous with luxury and softness, and this lotion lives up to its name. It contains triple refined emu oil to restore the barrier function of the skin, plus vitamins, emollients and amino acids to hydrate, fruit acids to smooth, and micronized mica to polish the skin.

The first thing I noticed about this cream is the fragrance. It’s gorgeous – spicy and floral at the same time. It’s fragranced with Ylang Ylang, which is a well-known aphrodisiac.
The second thing I noticed is how quickly it absorbed into my skin; it was as if my skin had never seen a moisturizer in its life.
After using it once, I noticed that my skin was really soft, but it wasn’t until after a few applications that I could really appreciate the effects. My skin wasn’t itchy anymore! My arms and legs are often so dry that I scratch them almost raw; this is one of the few products I tried that actually eliminated that altogether. It left my skin beautifully moisturized, and with a really sexy sheen, almost as if my skin was made of silk. This is definitely one of my new favorite products and I would recommend it to anyone.