Cover Girl Tru Blend Liquid Foundation

Product Details

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The Promise

So silky, so light, you won't believe you're wearing makeup! The luxurious whipped formula of New TruBlend Whipped Foundation glides on for silky smooth coverage and a lightweight feel. Matches 97% of skin tones for a natural, fresh complexion

The Truth
I picked up CoverGirl Trublend (430 Classic Honey) sort of on a whim. I don't normally wear foundation, as moisturizer and powder are usually enough, but i figured I'd try it out.
The first day that I tried it, it went on amazingly smooth and it dried very quickly without drying my skin. It covered nicely all the things I wanted covered, and overall I was happy with it. However, after a few hours it began to break down, and it became kind of patchy in spots -- not enough to be noticeable, but just enough to be annoying. This problem was solved the next day by adding moisturizer onto the makeup sponge before I applied it to my face. After doing this it lasted all day without any problems.
The color is a perfect match to my skin, and when it is on you can hardly tell. It doesn't look like I'm wearing any makeup. It just looks like I have great skin. It does a really good job of filling in my pores. It does tend to look a bit oily if I don't wear powder though.
Overall I think that TruBlend is a pretty good foundation. It's light and creamy, and it doesn't wear off. My only concern would be the the cleanliness of the jar. Unless you are using a foundation brush or some form of scoop, it could become a germ zone.