Cargo BeachBlush™ - Sunset Beach

Product Details


The Promise

CARGO Beach Blush™ is the perfect marriage of blush and bronzer, combining four complementary shades that when swept together, provide a perfect balance of color - the radiance of a newly flushed face and the glow of a lasting summertime tan.

The Truth

The fantastic Jay at Cargo Cosmetics sent me this blush set to try. It’s available in five beachy colors: Coral, Cable, Echo, Miami, and Sunset. I received the sunset beach which is a “soft pink bronze color medley." It comes in cute little silver tin which opens to reveal four – yes, four – blush colors, which you mix together to get your color.

I applied it to my cheeks first without foundation or powder as a base. Using a flat blush brush, it went on nice and smooth. I have very fair skin naturally and some blushes tend to overpower my skin, but this shade didn’t. It was very sheer and shimmery, giving my skin a nice glow. On its own it makes a great daytime blush and could be used as a highlighter as well.

I then applied it on top of a face full of foundation and powder and all that good stuff. I needed to apply a bit more to make it visible and ended up using a rounded blush. This resulted in a slightly more opaque look, which suited the evening style a bit better. Even when applied liberally this blush has a radiant look. It made my skin look almost velvety.

My favorite feature of this product is the fact that you can customize it by using a little more pink or more bronze depending on your mood, style, or skin tone

I definitely will be using this again..


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