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The Promise

New! For an ultra shiny, sparkling pout. Fruity fragranced lip glosses with beautifully sheer color and amazing shimmer and sparkle for a refreshingly natural-looking finish. Contains Community Trade Marula Oil from Namibia.

The Truth

I love the body shop. I love their products, I love their stores, and I LOVE how they work to make the world a better place. Now I have to admit, the entire body shop 2007 Spring Collection scored bonus points with me before I ever even tried them on, because they all contain Marula Oil. What is Marula Oil you ask?

The Body Shop International pioneered the use of Marula Oil, supplied by the Eudafano Women’s cooperative in Northern Namibia, in south west Africa. Some 5000 women are members and the much-needed income can be used to supplement the cost of their children’s education, family medical bills, and basic needs. Community Trade Marula Oil is contained in all products from The Body Shop spring 2007 Make-up Collection.

Available in three colors: Golden Apple, Lively Berry, and Pink Lychee. These glosses come in a really cute squeezable container with a hard plastic slanted tip. They are really lightly fragranced too – nothing overpowering, just a hint of “fruitiness.”

I found that the slanted tip made it a lot easier to apply to the edges of my lips but made it harder to add layers while the gloss was wet. Once it set, however, it was alright.

I fell in lust with the Golden Apple color the second I saw it but I didn’t know if I'd be able to wear it. After I put it on though I was hooked. It was nice and sheer but really glossy, and the iridescence made my lips look thicker instantly. It looks great as a gloss on its own or as a shimmer over top of a lipstick.

The Pink Lychee was a pretty looking pink that would be nice to wear when you’re feeling extra girly. Definitely a good date look. It could be worn on its own or on top of lipstick like the Golden Apple.

The Lively Berry is a stand alone gloss. It’s the brighter and richer of the three colors. It’s still sheer but has a definite oomph factor. If you like red lipstick, you’ll like this gloss.

I definitely like these glosses and will be keeping my eyes out for more from the Body Shop because it's nice to know that The Fashion Industry can care about more than the bottom dollar.


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