The Body Shop Eye Color Fusion

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The Body Shop


The Promise

Create vibrant, refreshing eyes. Three fabulous shades loaded with shimmer and pearl. It will complement and enhance the natural color of your eyes. Each palette boasts an innovative mosaic design of shimmering corresponding shades.

The Truth

These have to be the three prettiest eyeshadow that I have ever owned. They’re perfect for spring, with a gorgeous flower design lasered onto them. This shadow also contains the same Marula oil that I raved about in the gloss.

From the spring 2007 Vital Brights Collection, each eyeshadow shade is actually a combination of three shades.

Fusion Blue is a combination of aqua, powder and royal blues. It goes on pretty sheer, which is nice because I have blue eyes and blue eyeshadow tend to make them look small. This didn’t.

Fusion Brown is a mix of tan coffee and chocolate brown, with a warm shimmer that would really complement almost all skin tones. It’s a bright clean brown so it doesn’t really give the tired look that makes me avoid brown on the eyes.

Fusion green is a combination of emerald, lime and olive green and has to be my fave of the three. It wasn’t quite as sheer as the blue, but it wasn’t too strong, and it made my eyes pop. This color by itself looked great but with a thick black liner I was ready for the drama.

These are all great shades, and they go well together or by themselves. If you wear them sheerer you can really pick up the different colors in each one.

So go out and splurge. Get yourself all three and pat yourself on the back not only for being a fasionista / glamour girl but also because you're doing your part to help out our planet and all of it inhabitants.


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