Biotherm Body Resculpt - Svelt

Product Details and to Purchase

The Promise

Body Resculpt Svelt is meant for women who want to enhance and reshape their body as well as prevent the loss of skin’s firmness.
This daily treatment has a slimming girdle effect and with the action of its firming ingredients, body tone is maintained.
Result: Skin is visibly firmer

The Truth

The generous Sonya at Biotherm sent me some of their amazing Body Resculpt gel. It’s designed to firm and tighten your skin to give it a more toned and smooth appearance.
You simply apply it with your hands using upward sweeping motions morning and night. It literally only takes a few minutes and you can get dressed right away because it just soaks right into your skin. It leaves you smelling really yummy too.
Containing bioactive silicium and caffeine, this cream strengthens the underlying support system of your skin, stimulating collagen production to plump up and hydrate your skin. I noticed a small difference after the first time I applied it, and after a week of applying it morning and night my hubby noticed a difference as well. I noticed it mostly around my bum, which looks quite a bit firmer now than it did when I began using it, and my inner thighs and arms have a little tighter appearance to them as well.
While this gel is not a good substitute for exercise and healthy diet it would make an awesome addition to anyone’s fitness and beauty regime.