Alterna Anti Aging Shampoo and Conditioner with Caviar and SeaSilk

Product Details

$45 (shampoo) and

$48 (conditioner)

The Promise

What’s at the root of aging hair? Everyone ages naturally, and over time, damage from sun, pollution, the environment and chemical aggressors, lead to brittle, lackluster hair that is coarse and difficult to manage and style. Taking it’s already advances technology to the next level, Alterna will introduce Seasilk into their Caviar Anti-Aging Shampoos and Conditioners to further prevent and reverse the signs of aging, resulting in hair that not only looks more youthful but is actually healthier.

The Truth

The fantastic Lauren over at Alterna sent me some great products to try out, including Alterna Anti Aging Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner. I love this concept, what says luxury louder than caviar? My hair is getting caviar! How can you not love that?
First off, we have to talk packaging; this is the coolest looking shampoo I’ve ever had. I love the way it opens, with a twist. It’s made out of hard plastic though and I can see it being hard to squeeze once you get down to the bottom.
You don’t need a lot to get a really good lather, and the fragrance is really nice and uplifting. It stays with you all day. Ill be honest, I was a little worries Id smell like fish, but its actually really fresh smelling.
The only thing I noticed is that my hair felt dry. It looked shiny and smooth, which is great, and it styled really well, but it felt dry. I like my hair to feel soft even when its damp and it didn’t. Once it was dry, it was a bit better, but I couldn't even brush it damp. I HAD to blow dry.
This is a good product if you like living luxe. Champagne wishes, caviar dreams and all that good stuff.